Now Maruti Alto is the best selling Indian Car

India’s popular entry car Mauti Alto has overtaken Maruti 800 as the best selling Car model in the country . The company has sold more than 29 Lakhs units in  total in past 15 years .

The model has so far sold over 29,19,819 units in October, 2015 as compared to Maruti 800 which was once played the bread and butter for Maruti . The first model of the popular car for sold in September 2000. Commenting on the milestone , Maruti’s head RS Kalsi said ” “Over the years, Alto has brought happiness to 29 lakh families to become India’s largest selling single brand car.With its success, Alto continues to remain the first choice for personal mobility solution for Indian customers.”

Explaining why the model is a big hit among Indian car consumers . Mr Kalsi said “Alto has redefined the automobile landscape in the country. It has been the car of choice for a generation of Indians for its high fuel efficiency, low cost of maintenance and acquisition.”

The Car which was once touted as the costlier version of popular car Maruti 800 has seen an array of upgrades and refreshes .The K-10 model , which is powered with 1000 CC engine was launched in 2010-11 in order to cater  the fast paced youth audience of the country .

Maruti 800 which was launched as a family car in December 1983 ,sold more than 28 Lakh un its before bidding adieu to its passegers in January 2014 .Maruti started phasing out the 800 after stricter  BS IV emissions were implemented in 13 cities in India in 2013 .


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