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Dropbox to Sublease its Office

Dropbox is planning to sublease 40% of its office space as it is looks forward to lease a new office for the majority of its work force based in China Bay , Sanfrancisco headquaters .The move is scheduled by early next year .In an interview to Sanfrancisco based Bizjournal , the company’s admin said that they plan to sublease 40% or 200,000 sq of theor office.

Dropbox is planning to move part of its workforce to three new locations in the nearby area . The move comes at a stage where people have started questioning the company’s business model and growth structure.Critcs have recently debated on the $10 billion valuation of the company in the recent times.With the story of sublease making news , there were some rumors of a layoff in near future although the credibility of the same could not be verified .


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