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Emirates unveils new Airbus A380 with 615 passenger seating capacity

Dubai’s star airline Emirates reconfigured one of its Airbus A380 passenger aircraft to accomodate 615 passengers .The airliner made room for additional 130 passengers in economy class by removing the spacious first class cabin .The aircraft was unvieled in Dubai airshow this week . The move is aimed to provide more legroom to passengers in economy cabin while maintaining the luxurious business class elegance . The seat pitch (the space between the back of one seat and the back of the seat behind it ) will remain between 32-34 inches while the width will be lesser than 17 inches. Emirates currently have two ifferent configuration of aircraft , one has the seating capacity of 489 passengers while the other one has the seating capacity of 517 passengers .

The airline will use the newly configured aircraft for Dubai – Copenhagen route and plans to start the service from 1st of December 2015 .The average flight time between the destination is seven hours while the economy one way ticket cost around $540 .

Since the launch of Airbus A380 in 2008 , Emirates is one of the very few airlines which have used the aircraft extensively by carrying almost 48 million passengers.


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