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Linkedin to send few , better emails .

After paying $13 million in lawsuit for sending too many emails , Linkedin has decided to trim and improve its communication through emails . Its has planned to build a new tool named Air Traffic Controller or popularly known as ATC. The ATC is designed to serve its users only relevant and specific information in emails. Since paying for the lawsuit in July this year , Linkedin has trim down the number of email it send to its users to 50%. With the introduction of this new tool , “ATC”, Linkedin promises to reduce it further.

The tool will be used to send customized and curated information to users in the form of SMS, Email and other user communication mediums.The Algorith designed for the tool will accumulate information as to how and when the user interact with the platform and then send subsequent email to users. In the recent blog post from Linkedin ,the company has promised to improve the quality and quantity of the emails it send to its users.

“We realize that a one-size-fits-all method doesn’t work. We want to give you emails and notifications based on what your prefer, not what’s best for us,” said Erica Lockheimer, LinkedIn’s director of engineering growth, in ATC’s announcement blog.


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