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$6.3 billion railway project between China and Laos by 2020 , China Economic Herald

China plans to complete 418 KM (260 mile) railway line from a border town to laos by 2020 . The nw route planned will connect various economic market in the coming years. Both the countries agreed on a joint project worth $40 billion to be completed by 2020 which would connect the border town of Bolten to the Laos capital Vientiane.

The deal was signed between senior officials from National development & Reform commission and China’s Railway cooperation. Export and Import bank of china will provide funds for this project .Laos is said to be the [oor landlock country but China has shown an avide interest in the region in the recent time . The aim is to buid a top economics route across south eadt Asia by 2020 . The project will be funded 70% by the Chinese government while 30% of the capital will be invested by Laos.The route would help connect China to other south eastern countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

Chinese government has already announced a 200 billion yuan project for the pilot economic zone in the field of education,health and transport.


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