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G-20 countries should invest in Digital Infrastructure : Sunil Bharti Mittal .

India’s largest telecom operator Airtel’s chief has urged G20 leaders to invest in Digital infrastructure in order to deliver a brighter future to its citizens.He was speaking at the Digital Inclusion summit at on going G20 summit in Turkey .Mittal spoke on how internet can play a vital role in improving the economic growth of any country.Addressinvg a gathering of top business leaders in Antalya , Mittal stressed on nee to bring more women and youth into the mainstream economy .He spkoe at length on how Small and Medium Enterprises provide jobs to 60% of employable population in the world.”Globally, 95 per cent of the enterprises are SMEs. They can become a major source of employment opportunities and support a more inclusive economic growth,” he added.

Mittal also focussed on the four point agenda given by ICC B20 for the revival of global business environment .The agenda includes rectifiction and implementation of WTO’s trade fecilitation agreement , taking actions towards creating more oppurtunities for young and women in labour market , creating country specific strategies to bost investment in infrastructure projects.The trade fecilitation agreement or TFA can boost the tradeflows by $3.6 trillion creating more than 20 million jobs.The TFA can also remove the tariff barriers of the world and could lead to an increase in SME exports by 80%.

According to him the global unemployment rate is 5.9% and for the young it is at a staggering rate of 13.1%.He focussed on iclusion of young and women in the financial participation.


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