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Flexijet has placed an order valued $2.4 billion for 20 Aerion AS2 supersonic jets .

Company’s CEO Kenn Ricci said in a statement that the company plans to use these jets for overseas flights.The company will also explore oppurtunities to operate in China where there is no restriction of sonic boom.”Customers are already excited about the jet,They immediately began citing city pairs where they would like to fly. But no one wants to fly it subsonically.The AS2 can fly subsonically over land in the U.S., Europe and areas where the boom is restricted. But it won’t be cost-effective to do so”.

These jets will burn a high amount of fuel,around 1000 gal/hr.The jet comes after a decade when the iconic concorde aircrafts were banned due to sonic boom issues on the ground.According to Ricci “It’s still going to be an expensive plane to operate,Still, with the aircraft traveling at Mach 1.2, its boom will not touch the ground.Because of that, regulators may be able to be convinced to allow the jet to fly supersonically across the country”.As per reports there are plans to create special entry and exit points on the edges of Atlantic so that the sonic boom is minimized.

The company gave an initial downpayment for the order and remaining payment will be provided after specific milestones are met.These jets will reach a top speed of Mach 1.5 and can carry upto 12 passengers.They will be developed by Aeron while Airbus will play the consultant role.


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