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Honeywell set to deliver 9,200 business jets by 2025: Research report

Honeywell aerospace Asia-Pacific has confirmed to have received order woth $270 billion to sell 9,200 new business jets.The revealation comes at a time when slow economic growth is experienced in the region in recent times.The vompany is set to deliver 700 business jets this year.

BRICS countries (Brazil ,Russia,India and China) are the most strong markets for these jets in the coming two years. The demand for the same has increased by 48% in the recent times with Brazil leading the show followed by China and Russia.In a statement issued by Brian Sill, president of Honeywell’s business and general aviation division, said “”While emerging markets like Brazil continue to be a bright spot for business aviation over the medium term, we have seen weaker demand across other key growth markets.”

More emphasis is given on large-cabin aircrafts by the business tycoons in these countries while super mid size jets are also in a demand.the industry is expected to experience a 3% annual growth in this space.



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