New Zealand set to replace their National Flag.

New Zealanders are working towards a referendum to change their national flag . The government has provided 5 designs and the country would take a decision on a postal ballot. The current design consist of the British Union Jack as New Zeland was a British colony .The voting process is divided into two parts the first one being to choose their preferred flag and second one involving the replacement nod that will be given by the country’s population.

According to Prime Minister John Key , the current flag does not represent modern and progressive New Zealand . The process was started few months back with New Zealand asking for options from its citizens. According to a report 10,922 design options were received but the government shortlisted on 40.Finally four designs were shortlisted before a resolution was passed to include the fifth design.

To help people make a decision , the five different flags were displayed all around the country so that citizens can make up their mind before taking the decision. Real life situations and scenarios have been created in order to help people make an appropriate decision.


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