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Medibyz Pharma now a Portea company

Portea medicine has acquired Medibyz  Pharma, the e-commerce platform for pharmacy drugs and medicines.Medibyz was established in 2009 and has played a vital role in providing  prescription refills ,therapy compliance support and life saving drugs to patients across India.The company is based in Bangalore and provided services online and offline 24X7.It has served more than two lakh patients so far by helping them with prescription refill and therapy compliance support. The acquisition comes after Portea received Series B funding of $37.5 million from Accel, IFC, Qualcomm Ventures and Ventureast  in September 2015.

In a statement issued by Meena Ganesh, MD & CEO, Portea Medical, he said “A structured and integrated approach enveloping awareness, monitoring and ongoing disease management is vital to tackle the battle India faces with chronic disease. While hospital-based treatments are important, continuing care delivered to patients at home is a key prong of effective treatment. With the acquisition of Medybiz, we are adding a vital and powerful, specialized pharma arm to deliver better pharmacy care to patients with chronic conditions who have ongoing needs for medication.”

Medibyz has a total strength of 200 employees with operations in all major metros of the country.The company was previously acquired by Anil  Dhirubai Ambani group in 2011 and named Kewal  Handa as its  chairman. According to Handa “While diseases may respond to medicine, people respond to care, and chronic diseases in particular require specialized care over many years. We have always been committed to the best outcomes for patients and are therefore delighted with our alignment with Portea which will exponentially increase the impact we have on patients.”

The acquisition will place Portea as the market leader for medical commerce to the last mile patients .


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