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Airtel to focus on Its Data and voice services , plans to invest Rs 60,000 crore for the improvements.

Bharti Airtel will invest Rs 60,000 crore in next three years to improve its data and voice services. The biggest telco decided to focus its resources more on technology as it will be facing challenges from other Telecom companies including the newly announced Reliance Jio. The company has named the plan as Project Leap and would use the funds to buy new equipments , expand the current broadband network and cover more and more are from its optical fibre network. The move is followed by investment plan announced by Vodafone , which plans to invest 13000 crore and Reliance Jio which has a massive pan of 1 Lakh Crore to invest in technology and infrastructure.

Speaking at a press conference the Company’s CEO of India and South East Asia said “The bulk of the investment will be in building infrastructure as the company has already bought most of the airwaves needed”.

The company has already planned a Capex of Rs 15000 crore by March 2016 and plans to invest in acquiring a few pockets in the 2100 MHz band in a few circles. The bandwidth will be used to offer seamless 3g services to audience while 700 MHz will be used to offer the 4G services . The company also plans to install 70,000 more base stations by March 2016.

Vittal denied reports that the company is investing ahead of Reliance Jio and said that the investment is done in order to refurbish its existing aging infrastructure. According to Vittal “I will not say it is in response to Reliance Jio’s launch but in response to expiry of permits which has led us to buy different configuration of spectrum,” Vittal said. “Competition doesn’t give us sleepless nights, it’s quality of services to our customers which does.”.


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